Frequently Asked Questions

Midicake ARP

Answers to commonly asked questions about ARP:

When will it be available?

Summer 2022.  We are working very hard to ensure that ARP meets our super high targets for quality in all areas.  Setting a specific release date only adds unnecessary pressure and we don't want to make mistakes.  We believe that ARP will be worth waiting for.

What is the price?

We're not making any promises, but you can expect it to be around £320 GBP.  We are still not in a position to finalize the price due to variable costs of supply and shipping etc.

Can each channel output to a different synth?

Yes, ARP has 4 arpeggiators and each can output on a different midi channel.

Does it support CV?

No, We took the decision not to support CV because ARP is primarily a polyphonic device and the multi-channel and layering capabilities would mean a lot of CV ports.

However, each arp channel has a MONO Voice Mode and combined with an external MIDI to CV converter can easily work with CV-only devices.

Does it swing?

Yes, swing is achieved through Groove Patterns.


You can select a 2 step pattern with the second step delayed and you'll have that classic swing feel. The default patterns make this easy. However, you have up to 16 steps in each pattern so you can create much more complex rhythms too.

Why is there no such thing as random?

Our design philosophy was not to rely on random generators, many other controllers do that.  The patterns created by Midicake ARP are deterministic and repeatable. Not random, just complex.

Even the Humanize effect is just an algorithm that repeats eventually. :)

You can achieve pseudo-random effects by modulating any of the ARPs parameters.

Does it have mounting points?

Yes, it has 100mm VESA mounting points on the underside.  It is not designed for rack mounting, but you could make adapter plates. 

What are the product dimensions?

ARP is 205 x 150 x 58mm