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Download firmware updates for Midicake products

Midicake ARP

IMPORTANT: Please check the version number on the back of your ARP. 

(All ARPs purchased since January 2023 are version 1.5)

Serial Label.gif

FIRMWARE for version 1.5

FIRMWARE for version 1.4 (2022)

Firmware Update Instructions

To install firmware updates:

  • Check the Serial Number of your ARP to ensure you have the correct version

  • Download the relevant firmware package (above) and unzip it somewhere memorable on your PC or Mac​

  • Download the Teensy Loader

  • Open the Teensy Loader

  • Select File > Open HEX File

  • Select the midicake.ARP.Firmware.ino.hex file downloaded in step 1, then click Open

  • Make sure the (green) Auto button is selected

  • Press the UPDATE button on the back of the unit (next to the USB port)

  • ARP should restart within a couple of seconds with the new firmware

The firmware version number is displayed on the logo screen at startup and can be shown by holding the stop button.

Release Notes/Archive

v1.x.5.3972 - 18th January 2024

  • Revolutionary Time Parameters

  • Classic Arpeggiator Mode

  • One Finger Mode

  • Keyboard Split/Zones

  • Power Button

  • Encoder Enhancements

  • Macro CC Output

  • MIDI Output Routing

  • Multi Menu Control

v1.x.4.3392 - 18th July 2023

  • DRONE mode

  • 6 new Modulation waveforms

  • Modulation Toggle parameter

  • Pitch Filter Parameter

  • Note Lock Parameter

  • Scale Lock Parameter

  • Multi Menu display in SET Mode for all parameters

  • Global tempo range increased, now 1 to 300 bpm

  • Stop Button Behaviour added as new menu option

  • Internal MIDI Clock to match external clock, supports Stop Button Behaviour

  • Diagnostics options via connect application - for debugging

  • Improved Note Limit interaction with Octave parameter

  • Extended Support for MIDI Devices via USB Host

v1.x.3.3210 - 5th June 2023


  • FIXED - Free Play notes not highlighted on exiting set mode

  • FIXED - Free Play notes reset on exiting Chord Chain edit

  • FIXED - Free play overrides chord selection when holding chord or macro or cc learn

  • FIXED - Displaying incorrect display header and LEDs when exiting Chord Edit

  • FIXED - Rare Crash during simultaneous gate length increase on multiple arps

  • FIXED - Bounce and Repeat Sequence not changed/updated on load patch

v1.x.3.3096 - 31st March 2023

  • Support for USB Host MIDI Thru and MIDI Out

  • New "Note Limit" Parameter

  • External Clock Tempo Detection

  • "Live Play" toggle

  • OMNI MIDI channel support

  • Updated Global Menu

  • Soft Reset and Diagnostic options

  • Tweaks to improve Key Sync

  • MIDI Note Handling in MONO voice mode

  • Display Updates

v1.x.2.2857 - 6th February 2023

  • Arpeggiator Live play - via an external keyboard

  • Customizable Bounce patterns

  • Extended FX

  • Octave Locking

  • CC Assignment Improvements

  • Up Down Controls

  • MIDI Indicators

  • Deterministic Synchronization

  • USB Host support

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